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Antigen Rapid Testing

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A scalable Covid-19 Antigen Rapid Testing system deployed to do pre-event testing at large gathering.

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Project Overview

In Oct 2020, Singapore wanted to resume some semblance of economic and social activities (e.g. conferences, weddings) with the avaliability of 30 mins Antigen Rapid Test for Covid-19. I was part of the team that was tasked to implement an end to end journey and solution that allows at event attendees to easily register for Antigen Rapid Testing, go for the swab test and and track their ART Test result before they can enter the gathering venue.

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Photos of a testing site when we are running a trial with one of the version of the solution

My Contributions

I am the lead designer for this project. I worked on service design, user research, prototyping, user testing, user interface design and frontend development (CSS styling). I work with a product manager and 2 software engineers for this project. We worked together with test providers, operation teams to implement and optimise this flow.


Other than serving the test results in a convenient and timely manner, the solution needs to be scalable with low logistics overhead so that it can be easily deployed at events by event organisers, test providers and operation teams. The solution cannot cause choke points and result in poor crowd control.

First Prototype

This was the first prototype that we came up with.

  1. Paper form/ sticker sheet with a unique identifier to associate this ID with the user. It contains a QR code to the online form to register the test.
  2. The online form for the user to register the test using his mobile number.
  3. The user will do the ART test and the staff will use the sticker to label the test strip and insert the test strip into this device to get the results after 30 mins and submit the test results in the backend.
  4. The user will receive the test results from the SMS or the 2nd QR
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One of the early prototype


Managing people's expectation of the 30 mins wait

30 mins is a long wait time if it is not communicated well throughout the procedure. By having countdown timers and clear instructions on the UI, paper forms and signages, users are primed to accept the 30 mins wait time before it happens so that they can plan their time accordingly.

Presenting the test results in a understandable and sensitive manner

Test results are usually presented as “Positive” as “Negative” which may be confusing to the laymen. In this case, a “negative” test result is supposed to be good and a positive test result requires further testing. We made sure that test results are communicated clearly.

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Screens for displaying user's ART results
Optimising the layout for scalability, sustainability and readability

To save paper, I also had to make sure that all the information below can fit within an A5 size sticker label paper in large enough font size for readability.

  • Instructions
  • A QR for scanning
  • 4 barcode labels must be big enough for scanning
  • A long string of unique QR needs to be readable/verifiable by the test assistants

Users frequently get confused between certain combinations like:

  • Lowercase letter 'o', uppercase letter 'O' and number '0'
  • Lowercase letter 'l', uppercase letter 'L' and number '1'
  • Uppercase letter 'S' and number '5'
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Screens for displaying user's ART results

Final Product

Form with unique QR

Each form has a unique QR that stores the unique ID for registration and tracking of results.

Website where the user can check their results

Website will be updated with the different state according to the phase of the user journey. Registration → Registered and processing of test results → Test Results

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Final product flow


By April 2020, the solution was fully implemented and stable and was used at weddings and trade conventions in Singapore. And users are happy that they can get tested seamlessly and attend events safely again. If given a chance I would like to improve the design of the results checker view to be more mobile friendly and reimplement the frontend.

News Article about Pre-Event TestingVideo of the Pre-event ART process from Ministry of Health