Hello, I am Yi Xin.

I love to

I'm a Product Designer & Design Technologist based in Singapore. I solve problems, simplify complex ideas and craft intuitive experiences. Currently lead product designer at Open Government Products, GovTech Singapore.

Previously from Stripe and Amazon Web Services.

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Years of Experience in Design and Tech


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Skills and Expertise

Full stack designer who can code, with experience in end to end design process. Specialises in prototyping, designing interactions and design systems.

I love anything design and tech! And my dream is to become a UX Unicorn. Also, I ❤️ CSS!

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User Research and Product Strategy

Diving deep into user needs and aligning it to product is key. I have designed and build products and services from zero to one. Technology is great but useless if people you build for can't use it.

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Prototyping and Experimentation

I strongly believe the need to test the biggest assumptions with prototypes. Start small, fail fast and learn from it. The lessons we learn will bring us closer to the next big idea.

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User Experience and Design

A great user experience with intuitive interface design can guide your users and build trust with your customers. Help users achieve their goals through your product and the users will come back for more.

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Design Systems and UX Engineering

Supercharge your product team with an effective design system. My experience in frontend engineering helps me work seamlessly with the development team to translate vision into functional and delightful experiences.


"Yi Xin is a fully proficient product designer who has a deep understanding of operational needs. Her coding skills allow her to work extremely smoothly with the engineering team, and she rapidly adapts her design approach to different ground situations. She goes beyond producing good designs and steers the team towards building a good product. "

Li Hongyi

Director, Open Government Products, Govtech Singapore

"Yi Xin is one of the most dedicated designers I’ve worked with, always willing to put in that extra effort whenever you need it. Her tenacity and drive to build tech for public good is contagious. She inspires me to become a product designer when I was transitioning from graphic design. Together over the years, we expanded the design team, set up practices, cultivate culture and advocate design in the team. Her zeal in learning code, her curiosity and hunger to keep learning is one of the many qualities she possesses that I admire."

Sarah Salim

Lead Designer, Grab

"Yi Xin ramped up on a complex product space where she was the sole owner and delivered multiple key projects. She built design and cross-functional relationships quickly with a distributed team, led user research to evaluate hypotheses, explored and iterated on multiple potential solutions, and ultimately delivered high quality work. Yi Xin was a model designer, who worked at both a strategic and tactical level. While Yi Xin was affected by the company-wide layoffs, I would gladly hire Yi Xin again, and Stripe will miss her presence and impact."

Nicholas Swanson

Product Design Manager, Stripe

"Yi Xin is an exemplary design partner for any PM. During our time working together at Stripe, she ramped up on a complicated product landscape through her own curiosity and brought in an empathetic user view to curate high-impact insights for product improvements. She had a strong bias towards action and consistently took initiative to ensure her designs were backed by prioritized user feedback, technical feasibility and business impact. Her unique talents include her high energy, positivity and knowing when to strike the balance between being scrappy and very thorough. I'd be more than happy to work with her again given the opportunity!"

Ishan Virk

Product Manager, Stripe

"It was an absolute pleasure working with Yi. She has an inquisitive and creative mind and does not shy away from a challenge. Yi inherited previous teams' work, which is never easy. She very quickly engaged the end customer, started digging deeper and reset the direction and expectations, to meet customer design objectives. Yi's creativity and approach to customer obsession helped us get this engagement across the line. I feel incredibly proud I had an opportunity to work alongside Yi."

Zdenka Benic

Engagement Manager, Amazon Web Services