Hello, I am Yi Xin.

I love to

I'm a Product Designer and UX Engineer at Amazon Web Services. I solve problems and craft great user experiences.

Previously at Open Government Products, GovTech Singapore

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Years of Experience in Design and Tech

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Products launched in the last 4 years

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Random ideas popping in the head

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Cups of Green milk tea without pearls drank

Skills and Expertise

I love anything design and tech! And my dream is to become a UX Unicorn. Also, I ❤️ CSS!

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Design and User Experience

A great user experience with intuitive interface design can establish strong brand and build trust with your customers. Once the product help them achieve their goals, users will come back for more.

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Prototyping and Experimentation

I strongly believe the need to test the biggest assumptions with prototypes. Start small, fail fast and learn from it. The lessons we learn will bring us closer to the next big idea.

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User Research and Product Strategy

I have designed and build products and services from zero to one. Understanding user needs and business goals is key. Put the customers at the heart of your business.

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Front End and UX Engineering

My knowledge in software engineering helps me work effectively with the development team. I understand how data flows and consider technical complexity in my designs. Plus, I can code almost pixel perfect CSS too!


"It was an absolute pleasure working with Yi. She has an inquisitive and creative mind and does not shy away from a challenge. Yi inherited previous teams' work, which is never easy. She very quickly engaged the end customer, started digging deeper and reset the direction and expectations, to meet customer design objectives. Yi's creativity and approach to customer obsession helped us get this engagement across the line. I feel incredibly proud I had an opportunity to work alongside Yi."

Zdenka Benic

Engagement Manager, Amazon Web Services
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